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Victorious Valley Home & Academy for Children & Teens: Boys Home & Girls Home

More teens in America are in trouble and are unwanted by family and friends than you may realize. Five million are on the streets! Yes, I said 5 million! Something has to be done and a little at a time, it is.

A couple of weeks ago my home church was finishing up it’s annual Faith Promise Missions Conference and I was privileged to hear from and about the ministry of the Victorious Valley Home and Academy. These precious folks are taking in as many young girls and boys as they can and showing them love like most of them, or maybe all of them, never have known. They are giving them more than just a warm bed, some clothes, and good meals. They are giving them the love of a family that cares and, most importantly, pointing them to the love of God that is in Christ Jesus!

That Sunday morning I speak of was full of the Glory that only God can bring to Himself through willing instruments of His grace. Brother Johnny McGill told of the history of the home and their burden for the forgotten mission field of America’s troubled youth. Then his wife, Sister Susan, began to play the piano as she and the girls from the home began to sing. I do not make this next statement lightly at all…not only was there an “angelic” sound to their voices, but there was an awesome air of the presence of God in all of their singing and the word of their testimonies.

The Lord used their ministry to wake me, shake me, and move me further toward His divine purpose and ministry for my life. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to hear and share in it. I encourage you to visit their website (be sure you have your speakers turned on) and learn more about the ministry of the

Victorious Valley Home for children and teens.

They have a boys’ home and a girls’ home.

Visit them and see what God would have you do to help in their ministry, or with 5 million teens and no telling how many children on the streets in America alone…maybe God is leading you to start a home for teens or a little boys home or little girls’ home. Or maybe your pockets are just too padded with cash and you can help works like these.

As Jesus’ mother Mary said at the marriage of Cana of Galilee, “Whatsoever He saith unto you, do it.”

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