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A Critical Reply to “The One Thing Christians Should Stop Saying”

Scott Dannemiller's article "The One Thing Christians Should Stop Saying" which appeared in the Huffington Post posits that Christians should not say that our material wealth is a blessing from God. Mark 10:29-30 directly refutes Dannemiller's argument. And answering Jesus said, Amen I say to you, There is no one who left

Why many non-Christian nations and peoples suffer

Many people of foreign non-Christian lands suffer greatly; why does God allow this? Hasn't Christianity been the cause of many wars? These two particular types of questions are used by many who flat refuse Christ as Savior also. They are also used to try and put Christianity in a bad historical

How Christ returns to earth

How does Jesus return for His second coming? Do we go up in the clouds, or does He come down to earth? It's sad that so many Christians today don't understand from The Word about Christ's actual coming and God's future Kingdom. This is such an important matter, that I'm not

Handling grief for others who can’t understand God’s Word

When someone finally starts to study The Word for themselves, and comes to God's Truth, and It starts opening up to them, they have a hard time understanding why others can't understand. How does one deal with this emotion? The two previous questions gave some Scriptural answers to help ease this

Sabbath and Saturday for the Christian

Are Christians today to worship God on Saturday, holding to the original Sabbath, as our Rest? There's been a lot of concern lately about the Christian day of worship, once observed on Saturday, but having been changed in previous centuries to Sunday. God commanded His People to observe the Sabbath as

Why many Jews still refuse Jesus of Nazareth as Christ Messiah

The Old Testament Hebrew Manuscripts foretold of the 'first' coming of Messiah Jesus Christ; His birth, His Mission, and how He would suffer on the cross. So why don't the majority of Jews believe that Christ came and fulfilled that Mission as Savior, especially since those Jews are in possession

What are the ‘four winds’ God’s Word speaks about?

The Hebrew word for "winds" in The Old Testament is "ruwach". It is a symbol for the 'breath of life', i.e. God's Spirit. Strong's definition has it as "wind; by resemblance breath..." (Strong's no. 7307). It's the same word translated as: 'Spirit' in Gen.1:2, where God's Spirit moved upon the face