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The Great Pyramid’s missing Capstone as a symbol for our Cornerstone, Jesus Christ.

In the Isaiah 19 study, how does the mentioned Capstone of the Great Pyramid represent our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? How does that Capstone, and other symbols on our U.S. One Dollar bill tie to all this? Some say the “eye” symbol on back of the U.S. One Dollar bill represents the eye of Osiris, the ancient Egyptian pagan god.

The in-depth Bible student should be able to understand the following, especially those who understand the role of ‘false messiah’:
     If you’ll remember, the word ‘Lucifer’ in Isaiah 14:12 means ‘morning star’. But Jesus Christ is The True Morning Star, per Rev.22. Lucifer is a ‘false rock’; GOD is our True ROCK; etc. I’ve covered many of the fake roles Lucifer tries to usurp Christ Jesus’ Authority with, which are given in The Word.
Now… take the idea of all those false titles Lucifer uses to make himself into a false Messiah, trying to be God, and then apply them to those One Dollar Bill symbols again. On the back of our U.S. One Dollar Bill, on the right, The Great Seal of The United States, notice all the Israel symbols, such as the Olive branches, the ‘arrows’ of Ephraim, the ‘Shield’, the 13 stars inside a billowy cloud border (Shekinah), and connect the dots with that star field and tell me what geometric shape it forms (Star of David).
You’ll notice the number 13 popping out in those symbols, including the number of steps on that Pyramid. But the ‘capstone’ symbolizes Jesus Christ The Cornerstone the builders rejected. And all this symbolic meaning has nothing to do with cults. Remember, Satan didn’t create anything, as he’s just a cherub which God created. Satan MUST operate and use GOD’s order of laws and such. Satan just ‘perverts’ everything, like the Midas ‘touch’.
Then in that Isaiah 19 study, I mentioned the ‘MYSTERY’, which is about the ancient ‘mystery school’ religions of pagandom, and of pagan systems today. That word ‘MYSTERY’, in the phrase ‘MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT…’, in the Greek, refers to Satan’s ‘mystery schools’ of occultism. And that means Satan’s false occult traditions steal the TRUE meaning of everything and anything of God, and then ‘pervert’ it. What I was allowed to reveal with this in that Isa.19 study is ‘very deep’, and the deeper student should be able to grasp it.
This MYSTERY applies to all the evil workings by Satan and his host during this flesh age. It even applies to the idea of ‘cloning’ humans, etc. If there was given us a ‘key’ for understanding ‘how’ Satan perverts God’s Perfect Order, stealing everything and anything of righteousness from our Father, and twisting it, then this ‘MYSTERY’ is the ‘key’. That’s why God put this in His Word in such a way, linking Babylon with it. So Osiris, Isis, etc. are Satan’s symbols to ‘mask’ God’s Order between The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Zorasterism with Aura Mazda, etc., has a trinity also. Many pagan religions do.
So no ‘mystery’ to us, that Satan has also tried to ‘usurp’ the TRUE meanings of those symbols, such as The Capstone of the Great Pyramid, which is a symbol for The Cornerstone Jesus Christ.

3 thoughts on “The Great Pyramid’s missing Capstone as a symbol for our Cornerstone, Jesus Christ.

  1. Thanks for posting. Here we are in 2020. The torah calendar pointing the final few days left before HIS return. Isaiah predicted so much for our days – like Isaiah 26:20 for the pestilence we’re in. Daniel can’t be ignored as the book of truth is open for anyone to see verse after verse coming true and best deciphered daniel11truth

  2. The corner stone is on the bottom of a building, not the top. The corner stone is the first stone laid and it is the reference point for the rest of the building as it gets built.

  3. Jesus is the Chief Cornerstone, the apex, everything in all of creation points to and emanates from Him. In building, the Chief Cornerstone is indeed found on the top of a pyramid. All of the scriptures pointed to Jesus, yet He was mostly rejected by men. Isaiah 19:19-20. Jesus is not just a cornerstone, but THE CHIEF CORNERSTONE.

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