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The Cimbri

There appear to be several unrelated groups of people referred to as Cimbri {KMR} in history. One of the most notable groups of Cimbri {KMR} is the one that was living on the Jutland {JD} Peninsula (Cymbric {KMR} Penninsula) about 200 years before Christ. Who were they? Where did they come

What do you mean “Jews?”

Who are the Jews? Where did they come from? When you think about the Jews, what comes to mind? Race? Religion? Israel? Or what? Before we can determine the definition of the word "Jews", we must first examine some history. Anciently, Abraham had a son whom he named "Isaac." When Isaac married

Who were the Cimmerians/Welsh? Tribe of Levi

Who were the Cimmerians {KMR}? Where did they come from? Does anybody know? The Cimmerians {KMR} SUDDENLY show up in history about 710 BC when they were pushed out of the Russian Steppes by the Scythians {SKD}. Some of them moved into what is now modern day Crimea and in the