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Who were the Cimmerians/Welsh? Tribe of Levi

Who were the Cimmerians {KMR}? Where did they come from? Does anybody know?

The Cimmerians {KMR} SUDDENLY show up in history about 710 BC when they were pushed out of the Russian Steppes by the Scythians {SKD}. Some of them moved into what is now modern day Crimea and in the 5th century BC established the Kingdom of Cimmerian Bosporus. They were there long enough to leave their name there, ‘Crimea,’ which is derived from Cimmeria {KMR}.

The rest of the Cimmerians {KMR} moved south across the Caucasus Mountians first destroying Urartu (near Mt Ararat) and then the kingdom of Phrygia in Anatolia (in modern Turkey). In 705 BC Sargon II, king of Assyria, was killed fighting the Cimmerians {KMR}. Appian writes in Mithridates 114 that east of the Roman province of Pontus et Bythinia (in modern Turkey and about 59 BC) lived the Iberi (Hebrews) {BR} and the Albani (Whites, probably because of white skin, most likely ancestors of modern Albania) {LBN}. This is also one of the areas that the Israelites were deported to and also the area that the Cimmerians {KMR} overran.

Herodotus says, “It is that the wandering Scythians {SKD} once dwelt in Asia, and there warred with the Massagetae {SKD} (descendants of the deported Israelites?), but with ill success; they (the Scythians {SKD}) therefore quitted their homes, crossed the Araxes, and entered the land of Cimmeria {KMR}. For the land which is now (circa 440 BC) inhabited by the Scyths {SKD} was formerly the country of the Cimmerians {KMR}.” He also noted, “Scythia {SKD} still (circa 440 BC) retains traces of the Cimmerians {KMR}; there are Cimmerian {KMR} castles, and a Cimmerian {KMR} ferry (on the Tanais {DN} River (modern day Don River {DN}?)), also a tract called Cimmeria {KMR}, and a Cimmerian {KMR} Bosphorus. It appears likewise that the Cimmerians {KMR}, when they fled into Asia to escape the Scyths {SKD}, made a settlement in the peninsula where the Greek city of Sinope was afterwards built.” (History of Herodotus, book IV)

But WHERE were the Cimmerians {KMR} BEFORE 710 BC? History is totally silent regarding their whereabouts. And WHERE are their descendants TODAY? No one seems to know.

What is known is that the Assyrians called ancient Israel ‘mat-bit-Humria’ {MD BD KMR} (the land of the house of Omri) or ‘Bet Omri’ {BD KMR} (the house of Omri) or ‘Bit Humri’ {BD KMR} (the house of Omri) or simply ‘Khumri {KMR}’, calling Israel after its most famous king, King Omri {KMR} (c885-873 BC). We also know that King Tilgath-Pilser III (King Pul) deported most of Israel in 734-732 BC and King Sargon II of Assyria deported the rest of the people of the kingdom of Israel (NOT to be confused with the kingdom of Judah {JD} to the south) in 721-718 BC. The Isrealites of the first captivity were settled on the fringes of the Assyrian Empire south of the Caspian Sea, and were eventually referred to as Cimmerians. Those Israelites of the second captivity were resettled primarily in the Assyrian controlled province of Medo-Persia which is to the south and east of the first captivity. These people were eventually referred to as Scythians {SKD}. This is exactly the territory in which the Cimmerians {KMR} and Scythians {SKD} FIRST appeared in history a few years LATER.

Could the Cimmerians {KMR} actually be part of the Israelites resettled by Tilgath-Pilser and Sargon II? Yes, for several reasons. First, the Cimmerians {KMR} do NOT appear in history until shortly AFTER the Israelite resettlement. Second, they first appear in exactly the SAME territory. And third, the name ‘Cimmeria {KMR}’ actually derives from ‘Omri {KMR}’ the ancient king of Israel. Some say that the Cimmerians {KMR} were descendants of Gomer {KMR} the son of Japheth, but if so, WHY is history silent about them prior to the deportation of the Israelites?

Since the Cimmerians {KMR} first appeared in history, they have shown up in various parts of Europe, quite often leaving their name behind. For example, the peninsula Denmark {DN} occupies is the Cymbric {KMR} Peninsula. Names like Umbria {KMR}, Cambria {KMR}, Cumberland {KMR}, Crimea {KRM}, etc are also waymarks of the Cimmerians {KMR}. Even today, the official Celtic name of Wales is CYMRU {KMR} and of the Welsh people is CYMRY! {KMR}

Are the Welsh the descendants of the Cimmerians {KMR}? They claim to be. Their name says they are. Samuel Lysons states, “the Cimmerians {KMR} seeming to be the same people (as) the Gauls {KL} or Celts {KLD} under a different name; and it is observable that the Welsh (a Celtic {KLD} people), who are descended from the Gauls {KL}, still call themselves Cymri {KMR} or Kymry {KMR}.” (Our British Ancestors, 1865, pp 23, 27). The time-trail of Cimmerian {KMR} names STARTS in the Russian Steppes about 710 BC and ENDS in modern day Wales! Does this mean that the Welsh are descendants of ancient Israel? Is there ANY other possibility? Not to my knowledge.

Is there anything else that supports the Welsh coming from ancient Israel? Examine the Welsh language. Several studies have been done comparing modern Welsh to ancient Hebrew. What was found? There is an unmistakeable and absolute relationship between them!!! Whole SENTENCES are exactly the same in BOTH languages! Not just one sentence, but hundreds and hundreds. Even more common are exact phraseologies, and more common yet are vocabulary words. Outside of the Celtic {KLD} languages (Welsh, Cornish, Manx, Gaelic, Breton, etc.) NO LANGUAGE ON EARTH (with the possible exception of Basque, which could be derived from Hebrew {BR} when the ancient Danites {DN} inhabited the Iberian {BR} Penninsula before migrating to Hibernia {BR}, now called Ireland) CAN CLAIM to be even REMOTELY related to Hebrew {BR}, as none of them to the best of my knowledge have more than a small smattering of words and phrases ADOPTED from Hebrew {BR}.

Now before you go out on a limb and say that Welsh and Hebrew {BR} don’t look alike, be aware of several things. First, Welsh is written from LEFT to RIGHT, while today Hebrew is written from RIGHT to LEFT, although anciently Hebrew could be written EITHER LEFT to RIGHT OR RIGHT to LEFT. Second, Welsh and Hebrew use DIFFERENT alphabets. Third, written Welsh uses vowels and ancient written Hebrew does NOT use vowels, although modern Hebrew does use ‘vowel points’. Fourth, over time the vocabularies and structures of both have diverged as new things and new ideas needed to be expressed. Fifth, Welsh sometimes uses two or more words to replace the original Hebrew word and vice versa, but when you concatenate all of these words into a single word, this concatenated word is exactly the same as the word in the other language with exactly the same meaning. To compare these languages, one must use sentences and words extant in ancient Hebrew. When one does this, an extremely large number of these sentences have the same exact meaning in modern Welsh and when spoken can be understood by the modern Welsh. Is Welsh (and by extension, other Celtic languages) really a modernized version of ancient Hebrew? In my opinion, absolutely yes! Does this mean that the Celtic {KLD} peoples are DIRECT descendants of the ancient Hebrews {BR}? I see no other alternative.

So, WHICH tribe could the Welsh (Cimmerians {KMR}) be descended from? The Welsh are world famous for their singing and their choirs. Which tribe of Israel contained the cantors of Israel? The tribe of Levi {LV}, whose sole duty was to educate Israel in the ways of God, which included all of the music of the Temple.

What about the names Wales and Welsh? Are they in any way connected to the tribe of Levi {LV}? Possibly, but I know of no way of proving/disproving this conjecture. Hebrew, both ancient and modern, uses ONLY consonants when writing, so the tribe Levi {LV} would be written “VL” in Hebrew which writes from right to left. The letters and sounds of V and W are often interchangeable from language to language, like in Latin and German and others. So, since the Welsh now write from left to right, could the name Wales (VaLes, or VL) be a holdover from when the ancestors of the Welsh were of the tribe of LeVi {LV} and wrote Levi as “VL”? I don’t know, but this seems reasonable given everything else that points to the Welsh being from the tribe of Levi {LV}.

In conclusion, everything points to the people of Wales (Cymry {KMR}) being descendants of ancient lost tribes of Israel, probably from the tribe of Levi {LV}.

Other names for the Cimmerians:

  • Gimirrai {KMR} (Assyrian)
  • Gamir {KMR} (Assyrian)
  • mat bit-Humri {KMR} (Assyrian)
  • bit-Khumri {KMR} (Assyrian)
  • Khumri {KMR} (Assyrian)
  • Ghomri {KMR} (Assyrian)
  • Gamir {KMR} (Babylonian)
  • Gimri {KMR} (Babylonian)
  • Gimirri {KMR} (Babylonian)
  • Gimri {KMR} (Babylonian)
  • Kymris {KMR} (Gallic)
  • Cymry {KMR} (Greek)
  • Kimmerrii {KMR} (Greek)
  • Kimmerroi {KMR} (Greek)
  • Kimbri {KMR} (Greek)
  • Kimbroi {KMR} (Greek)
  • Kimbron {KMR} (Greek)
  • Cimbres {KMR} (Latin)
  • Cimbri {KMR} (Latin)
  • Kimbri {KMR} (Latin)
  • Kymbrians {KMR} (Latin)
  • Tauri (Russian?)
  • Cymry {KMR} (Welsh)
  • Cumri {KMR} (Welsh)

Known waymarks of the Cimmerians:

  • Cymbric Peninsula {KMR} (Denmark)
  • Crimea {KRM} (Northern Black Sea Peninsula)
  • Cymry {KMR} (Wales)
  • Cumberland {KMR} (England & USA)
  • Nothumbria {KMR} (England)

7 thoughts on “Who were the Cimmerians/Welsh? Tribe of Levi

  1. Another interesting tidbit: the House of Omri (Israelites) was referred to as ‘Bit Humri’ or Bet Omri’. There is a very popular Welsh motto which reads ‘ Cymru am byth! (Wales forever!). It doesn’t take much imagination to see the connection ‘Bet Omri’ vs ‘Cymru (am) Byt(h). Long live the House of Omri!

  2. When looking into genealogy, I read that Thomas Jefferson’s family came from Wales.
    I also read, but cannot remember the website, that their are two Jewish men, one in Morroco and another in the Middle East whom have the same DNA as him.
    My ancestral grandmother was a cousin to Jefferson.

  3. Native Americans are a Lost tribe I was 76% so I got a hefty amount in me They lived in this America country for 2,000 to 3,000 years completely content and they worship God and their language is so similar that they Even have artifacts handed down that are Jewish and and they have stories about Noah and the flood and So much so that Israel gave them a portion of land They gave the Cheyenne tribe but I believe all the name of Americans as their called They all divided into tribes but I believe they were all one tribe from Israel I don’t know what tribe I’m excited to find out when I go to heaven though

    1. @desirae – Your claim is antiquated, in the face of modern research, Native American are NOT a lost tribe of ancient Israel, according to genetic markers which indicate they’re of Asiatic origin; which in and of itself, in the Biblical context, could be NOT related to the kingdom of ancient Israel. However, In the biblical context the sons of Noah – Japeth, Shem, Ham, were from whom all nations were said to have come, or be admixtures and derivatives thereof, therefore all of us being God’s children, Asiatics are of Japeth and Shemites admixtures.

  4. Thomas Jefferson, in part of his orders to Lewis and Clark, were to check out the Mandan Indians who lived along the Mississippi. They were reported to spoken Welsh or some form of Welsh and were lighter skinned than the other natives encountered at that point in our history. It’s not a stretch to think that the Welsh seafarers found the mouth of the Mississippi and eventually settled along the river.

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