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Should Government Be Involved in Marriage?

By Pastor Matt Trewhella “There is no reason for Oklahoma or any state to be involved in marriage.” This is the Libertarian cry that is growing in popularity and gets parroted by many who never ponder the depths of what they are saying. This time, however, the above quote was from a

Marriage Licenses: The Real Truth

Marriage Licenses: The Real Truth

Virgil Cooper: Marriage Licenses: The Real Truth Tue Feb 8, 2005 02:52   Marriage Licenses: The Real Truth by Virgil Cooper Enlightening Conversation with a Marriage License Bureau. . . . About 15 years ago, my former wife of 26½ years, filed for divorce. We had seven (7) children: five (5) daughters and two (2) sons.

The Marriage License is a Trap

We innocently forfeit our legal and parental rights when we purchase a marriage license. Rich writes: I wanted to pass along some VERY important information regarding marriage, the marriage contract, contract law, the state and children. This has helped me see the TRUE DANGER in getting married today. I have been studying