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How Christ returns to earth

How does Jesus return for His second coming? Do we go up in the clouds, or does He come down to earth?

It’s sad that so many Christians today don’t understand from The Word about Christ’s actual coming and God’s future Kingdom. This is such an important matter, that I’m not going to go into depth here; but you’ll find a lengthy study with much Scripture support on this subject by clicking on the study How Does Christ Return?.
     In short, according to Acts 1:11, Micah 1, and Zech.14, Christ is coming back to earth. He may come engulfed in the clouds when returning, if that’s how you wish to interpret 1 Thess.4:17, but His final destination is upon the Mount of Olivet in Jerusalem. The proof that God through His Son is going to reign all nations upon a ‘renewed’ earth, is overwhelming from God’s Word.
     There is so much proof for a Heaven upon earth in God’s Word, that I can’t think of a befitting name which would be suitable for those false ones, who claim to be sent from God and teach otherwise. In other words, I can’t believe they teach otherwise out of ignorance only. I have even had poor deceived members of their congregations tell me that it’s nowhere written in God’s Word that Jesus returns to earth. I’m not only hurt by that level of deception, but I’m sure our Father is hurt by it also. Especially since He created this beautiful earth for His children, whom He loves so much (see Isaiah 45:18; Rev.4:11; Ps.115:16).

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