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Review of Poetry Speaks to Children

Book Review: Poetry Speaks to Children (Book & CD) (Read & Hear)

Poetry Speaks to Children is a book that was a delight for me to review.

With so much junk out there for children to absorb, it is refreshing to know that some publishers are still trying to produce good, wholesome children’s books that build a good appreciation for literature and, in this case, poetry.

Poetry Speaks to Children is filled with fun and thought provoking poetry that children and adults are sure to love.

My recommendation is that parents take the time to read this book to and with their children. In fact, as I was completing this book review, I read some of the book to my children at bedtime and they loved it!

While reading with your children is fun and promotes a healthy family relationship and keeps the communication lines open, I also have to recommend it for censorship and educational reasons.

Included with Poetry Speaks to Children is a 69 minute audio CD that includes 60 tracks of poetry read by poets and artists.

Note: Many of the poems in the book are not on the CD.

I love this book as a whole, but in doing an honest book review, I have to tell you that there were a few poems that I, personally have problems with…

Yes, there are a small handful of poems in the book that I did not like and deemed inappropriate for my children, such as Mrs. Mitchell’s Underwear on page 17.

I also did not care for Gas, a poem about passing gas, on page 24. Maybe it was just the way I was brought up, but I feel that the slang word for passing gas, fart, is an inappropriate word for children or adults for that matter. Again, it may just be my upbringing.

There is a poem on page 31 called The Negro Speaks of Rivers. The poem is a great poem from a poet’s heart, but parents will do well to be ready to explain the past use of the word “negro” in the title. A history lesson may be in order with this reading.

The Quarrel is a delightful poem in the book, Poetry Speaks to Children Some of the poems I really liked though were The Quarrel, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, The Dentist and the Crocodile, and one of my all time favorites, Casey at The Bat!

Overall, I give this book a PG rating for the above mentioned reasons, but don’t let it keep you from buying this book and reading it to and with your children.

Poetry Speaks to Children, published by Sourcebooks, Inc., may just give your whole family a greater appreciation for poetry.

You can purchase Poetry Speaks to Children (Book & CD) (Read & Hear) at Amazon.

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