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Marion Avenue Boys Music Review

Marion Avenue Boys Soldiers Again

Christian Music Review

This is the first Christian music review of many we will do and have we got a treat for you! In this music review, we will be looking at a top notch group I discovered called the Marion Avenue Boys. They hail from Dr. Larry Brown’s church, the Marion Avenue Baptist Church in Iowa. They are a trio of young men who have a great professional sound and have picked some of the greatest Christian songs for their newest release titled Soldiers Again.

As you may have guessed, the title track on the cd is the great gospel song called Soldiers Again. The song starts out talking about little boys playing with little toys and playing war as most normal little boys do. Then it talks about how when we get older, we give up our little toys, but as Christians, we are soldiers again in the army of the Lord, soldiers again with His word as our sword. It is really an awesome song!
But there is more

The Marion Avenue Boys also sing a scriptural version of the old favorite, I Wouldn’t Take Nothin’ for My Journey Now. Other favorites on this great cd are: Sinner Saved by Grace, Boundless Love, Face to Face/The King Is Coming, a tremendous medley called the Solid Rock Medley, and an unbelievable song that was new to me called He Still Speaks.

Well, that’s it for our first Christian music review. If you love great gospel trios, you will love this cd!

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