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Christ’s Bloodline

Our world with many of the so-called modern day philosophers in it, are ever trying to establish that bloodline heritage in God’s Word is not important, and to have a sense of this Biblical heritage is worthless in today’s times. Some would say that it drives peoples of different nationalities not of Israel, away from our Father’s Message in His Word. Hence, the subject of bloodlines are almost totally left out of much of today’s Christian theology when teaching God’s Word. Even though we are given in The Gospel, the bloodline of Jesus Christ, all the way back to the first Adam in Luke 3, which is Mary’s genealogy, the importance of that lineage is just ‘whisked’ over.

There are also the ‘crept in unawares’ of Jude 1, setup within many Church Organizational Systems of today, who are trying to destroy God’s heritage which He gave to the ones born to fulfill His Plan. These ones who fulfill God’s Plan are of the ‘family history’ of the inspired writers of our Holy Bible, and especially the bloodline heritage of Christ Jesus all the way from the man named Adam. The false accusers mock God and His Word in places where our Father gave us lists of genealogies, and there are many in His Word. So why would these false ones do this? Why do they wish to keep the genealogies within The Word a secret? What particular Truth is there within them which these false ones wish to hide? Are we to not ask, nor even entertain the idea of wanting to know what these genealogies mean? What would happen if some teacher in Sunday school who was just pronouncing the Hebrew name of a Bible figure while teaching The Word, and the congregation said, “Wait, stop. Could you please tell us if that Hebrew name Joshua you just said has any significance in God’s Teachings?” I used to skip over the meanings of these names and genealogies when I was young; who else has? Is it because some teachers think, or are taught, that the common lay person doesn’t have enough smarts to understand Bible genealogy? Could it mean that a lot of teachers today really just don’t know enough about the subject and its importance themselves? To be fair, that must be it, they just don’t know.

I conversed once with some so-called higher critics, posing as Biblical scholars on a certain Christian organizational Website, who denied that the Ten Tribes were ever split from Jerusalem. They were pushing ‘inter-racial marriage’ doctrines, of which they themselves admitted could pose a marriage problem if both spouses were not accepted by each other’s families and religious beliefs. And they were doing this in the name of Christ and Christian doctrine. Their Biblical ignorance, or intentional Biblical ignorance was astounding. It was easy to understand from their viewpoints, that anyone truly studied in our Father’s Word could see that they were pushing another agenda, outside of The Word. Their agenda was one of the ‘brotherhood of mankind’, the ‘Liberty, Equality, Freedom, Fraternity’ of a false kingdom upon this earth. In other words, “Let’s just get everyone to mix up their bloodlines, so there will be no way for one to trace their heritage, so we can get everyone to think, look, and act the same.” There’s a big problem with that lie, because it goes against God’s Teachings and His Truth. It is in the sense of trying to play god, saying that Yehovah failed in the way He made His creation of the various races and nationalities.

God said in Gen.1:31 that when He created all of His creation, “behold, it was very good.” Our Father, The Father of all souls was well pleased, so why can’t these groups be? Why must they try to change the way God made us? Are they not happy with the way God made them maybe? Yeah, maybe “that’s the ticket”. God loves all of His children, and doesn’t have a problem with the way He made any of us, so what’s all the fuss? After all, it’s the soul of each individual and not the flesh that matters isn’t it? Do angelic souls have racial characteristics? Nope. I haven’t found anywhere in God’s Word that would support that. So why did God make different races of flesh upon this earth? To carry out His Plan, not ours.
We are to respect each race and nationality as all children of God, and this whether others recognize Yehovah as LORD and His Christ or not. Therefore, creating racial tension and division, and strife with other peoples of the world is never a signpost of true Christians. Nevertheless, with those people who follow Satan, or even claim there is neither Yehovah or Satan, many of them do create and foster racial hatred and divisions among peoples of the earth. For proof, all I need say are little words like: communism, socialism, fascism, occultism, one worldism, which includes all the hidden organizations operating behind the scenes which belong to those tenets and creeds.

God’s Word is very specific that a True Kingdom of Peace will not be established upon this earth until His Son Jesus Christ comes, and claims all the kingdoms of Satan upon this earth (Rev.20; Zech.14). Our Father even gave us the warning that man would try to establish another Babylon false kingdom, under Satan’s rule, upon this earth, in the latter days. And that they would be saying ‘peace, peace, when there is no peace’ (Jer.4; 6; Ezek.13; Dan.8; Micah 3:5; 2 Peter 2; Rev.13 & 17). That’s where all these ‘one-world-now’ type doctrines are coming from, i.e., Satan’s own workers upon this earth, who speak lying vanities of sweetness and brotherhood out of one side of their mouths, and from the other side, they yell for their communistic atheistic armies to attack the sovereignty of all peoples everywhere.

Many of their false doctrines are even being allowed to trickle down to some of God’s Churches today, with some ministers even performing same sex marriages. And this is done under the assumption that there’s nothing wrong with it in God’s eyes. God’s Word is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, but these false prophets, by the leading of some ‘crept in unawares’ higher up within their Church organizations, evidently think that our Father’s Word has changed.

I hope you get the idea, for these are some of the reasons why many Church Organizations are telling their ministers not to teach The Word Chapter by Chapter and verse by verse. By that attitude it becomes easier to supplant God’s Truth with their (false ones) own lying immoral doctrines. And if your seeing this happen within your Church system, get out; get out of Babylon (confusion), or you’ll suffer the worst with those who chose to remain deceived.(To clarify this point, ‘get out of Babylon’ means to ‘wake up’ from a ‘spiritual slumber’, which will cause deception. It doesn’t mean to leave your physical Church you go to. You may have a Mission there for Christ, but you are not to be in a state of spiritual ‘slumber’ as others there might possibly be. See Rev.2:18-29.)

I’m not going to end this Letter without giving you something more. Below you’ll find a chart of information on the bloodline lineage of Jesus Christ, and the bloodline of Mary’s husband Joseph, taken from Appendix 99 of The Companion Bible. I want you specifically to note a major sign, or lack of it, in this chart below. You can verify this chart in God’s Word in Matthew 1 and Luke 3. Notice that ‘Cain’ is not listed in the genealogy of Mary, which is the bloodline of Mary and hence Jesus Christ, which goes all the way back to ‘the man named Adam’ (eth’Ha’adham). Find out why in my Genesis studies. This is why Paul would refer to Jesus Christ as ‘the last Adam’ in I Cor.15:45, as the ‘natural‘ bloodline lineage was unbroken all the way back to “the first man Adam”.

“The Book of The Generations of JESUS CHRIST”  (THE MESSIAH)

The REGAL Legal Line
The NATURAL Legal Line









1   ABRAHAM .  .  .  .   .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .   .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .
2   Isaac
3   Jacob
4   Judas
5   Phares
6   Esrom
7   Aram
8   Aminadab
9   Naasson
10 Salmon
11 Booz
12 Obed
13 Jesse
14 DAVID the King .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .   .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .   .  .  .  .  .  .


1   DAVID (The KING “over all Israel”, II Sam.5:4,5
2   SOLOMON (eldest surviving son of Bathsheba)
3   ROBOAM (Rehoboam)
4   ABIA
5   ASA
7   JORAM  the son-in-law of Ahab “died of sore diseases”,
II Chron. 21:19
(AHAZIAH his son
(JOASH his grandson, and
(AMAZIAH his great grandson–all died violent deaths.
(Thus GOD’s “visiting” for idolatry was fulfilled literally “to
the THIRD and FOURTH generation”  Exod.20:4,5.  Their names
BLOTTED OUT according to LAW in Deut.29:20.
Both Jehoiakim and his son Jechoniah are alike omitted from the REGAL fourteen generations for, first, the paramount reason that the kingdom as an independent kingdom ended with death of JOSIAH at Megiddo when Judah passed under the power of Egypt, and ultimately Babylon;  and secondly, in the case of Jehoiakim for “that which was found on him” (2 Chron.36:8 note), and in that of Jechoniah for the reasons given in Jer.22:24-30.  Their names are thus also BLOTTED OUT according to LAW.

1   Jechonias
2   Salathiel
3   Zorobabel
4   Abiud
5   Eliakim
6   Azor
7  Sadoc
8   Achim
9   Eliud
10 Eleazar
11 Matthan
12 Jacob
13 JOSEPH  {SON reckoned “according to Law” (hos enomizeto, Luke 3:23) of HELI by betrothal to HELI’s daughter:  therefore also “according to Law” Husband of Mary

1   Adam
2   Seth
3   Enos
4   Cainan
5   Maleleel
6  Jared
7   Enoch
8   Mathusala
9   Lamech
10 Noe (Noah)
11 Sem (Shem)
12 Arphaxad
[Cainan] *    * Undoubtedly an interpolation in certain copies of the Septuagint towards the close of the Fourth Cent. A.D.  “The evidence against his existence is to the utmost possible degree clear, full, and positive, and not liable to any mistake or perversion.  On the contrary, the evidence for his existence . . . is inferential, obscure, or open to the suspicion of falsification.” — LORD A. HERVEY,
                 The Genealogies of Our Lord, ch. viii, p.195.
13 Sala
14 Heber
15 Phalec
16 Ragau
17 Saruch
18 Nachor
19 Thara
21 Isaac
22 Jacob
23 Judas
24 Phares
25 Esrom
26 Aram
27 Aminadab
28 Naasson
29 Salmon
30 Booz
31 Obed
32 Jesse

34 Nathan   second (surviving) son of Bathsheba
35 Mattatha
36 Menan
37 Melea
38 Eliakim
39 Jonan
40 Joseph
41 Juda
42 Simeon
43 Levi
44 Matthat
45 Jorim
46 Eliezer
47 Jose
48 Er
49 Elmodam
50 Cosam
51 Addi
52 Melchi
53 Neri
54 Salathiel
55 Zorobabel
56 Rhesa *   * It is held by some that Rhesa is not a proper
name, but a title applying to Zorobabel.  But the case is “not proven.”
57 Joanna
58 Juda
59 Joseph
60 Semei
61 Mattathias
62 Maath
63 Nagge
64 Esli
65 Naum
66 Amos
67 Mattathias
68 Joseph
69 Janna
70 Melchi
71 Levi
72 Matthat
74 (MARY) of who was born
14         JESUS              75

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