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Political News Articles

We are tired of the liberal leaning mainstream media’s re-writing the latest political news in their articles. We are tired of the Dan Rathers and the bobble heads of the prime news outlets as they cleverly deceive the masses by slanting their stores by distorting the truth, leaving it out all together, or lately even mixing in blatant error! Even when they are caught at their game and the public becomes wise to their political distortions, they seldom admit wrong doing and when & if they do, it is only after they have failed to find a proper scapegoat to run off the cliff for them so that they do not have to take the fall.

Some will rise up and accuse us of taking a stance that is not fair and balanced either. We have chosen sources for the latest political news articles we display that many would consider too right leaning. Well, to those I would say a few things. Namely, the truth most often has to lean one way or the other, so the fence sitters and swing voters as they are called (which are more adequately described as confused) have to actually fall onto one side of the pasture or another. We may also well note that in order to get a balance on “the scales of justice”, there must be an equal weight on both sides, therefore we are pleased to help make up the weight on the opposite end as the liberal mainstream media. Also the “right” is called right for a reason and we wish the “left” had done just that.

Please enjoy, endure, or ridicule the following sites.

Daily Paul

Lew Rockwell


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