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Iraqi Religion – Islam or Secularism

No doubt the primary Iraqi religion or rather, religious influence is the Islamic religion. Just as Islam has left its mark, or should I say scars, on many a nation in that part of the world and Iraq is certainly no exception. While Saddam Hussein was primarily a secularist, his brutal tactics and merciless reign of slaughter rings true of the real Iraqi religion…Islam.

Some would resent these statements and reject them outright, saying that Islam is a religion of peace. They say that cruel tyrants like Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden do not represent true Islam, but some extreme and fundamentalist faction of the Muslim religion that thrives on terror and hate. But, I beg to differ with this politically correct, but irrational conclusion that denies not only the true nature of, but also the history of Iraq religion: Islam.

Yes my friend, the history of Iraq and the history of Islam are both a bloody trail of murder and execution. But, let me say that this is not the fault of the nation of Iraq, but rather the fault of bloody Islam.

You see, no matter what they tell you (“they” meaning anyone who denies the truth on the subject), the religion of Islam has plagued the world with violence since it’s inception or rather since it was dreamed up by the so called prophet Mohammed.

Yes, this man who came from a nomadic pagan tribe dreamed up this religion and borrowed Allah from his own polytheistic pagan roots. Yes, Allah was the “moon god”. One of the many that his tribe worshipped. Have you never noticed how often the crescent moon is used on the flags of Islamic nations? Or have you never wondered why the Islamic version of the Red Cross organization is the Red Crescent instead?

We have believed the half truths, political correctness, and whole lies of politicians, Islamic clerics, and soft spoken, tip toeing “theologians” for far too long. Another well versed author said it well when he said that most likely all Muslims are not terrorists, but so far, all of the terrorists have been Muslim.” Ouch! The truth does hurt doesn’t it?

Well, back to Iraq. The Iraqi people have been plagued by this thing called Islam for far too long. And all it takes for a person with eyes that can see and a brain that works to really know what kind of devilish spirit is behind the Islamic terrorist’s actions, is to observe what our troops are going through daily in Iraq today.

(I must pause here and say that our boys are doing an awesome job and I support them 100 percent as a Navy veteran, a patriot, and a person who knows right from wrong.)

Whether the Iraqi people really support the U.S. and multi-national force contingent there, I can’t say…But I feel confident in saying that the true Islamists definitely do not want us there because they wish to continue to dominate the Iraqi people with the old time Iraq religion of Islam.

You see the vast majority of the media and “talking heads” of our society would have us believe, as they have stated over and over again, that the terrorists do not represent true Islam. But, I say that they do indeed. It is the passive (or seemingly passive: During Jihad is the only time Mohammed allows Muslims to lie.) who are (1)either not following the Koran and true tenets of their Islamic religion either deliberately or ignorantly, or

(2) are lying to the public to cover up their hidden agenda, or

(3) are so afraid of the terrorists, who are practicing the true historic Iraqireligion of Islam, that they will not dare tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

But, hey, don’t take my word for it. Look to those who have studied this ancient religion of the area of Iraq. Dr. Don Boys has published and excellent work on this phenomenon and how it could effect, or rather destroy America from the inside. His book, Islam: America’s Trojan Horse , is a well researched book written in a scholarly manner, from a Biblical point of view.

It won’t be a popular read for the weak minded who have already given in to popular sentiment…But if you are open to truth and think for yourself, you will appreciate the candor of Dr. Boys.

And by all means, if I have already made you mad by my brief comments (that is not my intention, by the way)…Hang on for a wild ride when you delve into the deep history of Iraq’s leading religion: Islam. Can you handle it or would we have to quote a famous line from Hollywood, “You can’t handle the truth!”

Well, if you can handle the truth…Another must read book is one by Dr. Robert Morey called

The Islamic Invasion. Dr. Morey is also very candid, so get ready!

My friend, do you really want to know the truth about this deadly thing called Islam that has dominated the Iraqi religious center for centuries?

Do you want to know why even Iraqi religious clerics of Islam are seemingly against their own people’s best interest and safety? Can you handle the strong truths that ring oh, so true about the monstrous Islamic religion? Or do you prefer to wallow in ignorance and naivety and ignore the possibilities that the next terror attacks could directly affect you or yours? I hope not.

So, what should the Christian do in response to this great threat of terror and the people of Islam? Do we convert them or kill them as true Islam teaches it’s followers to do? Of course not!

That is not what Biblical Christianity is about! We must first get as informed as possible about the dominant Iraqi religion of Islam and how to effectively evangelize the Islamic people who will listen. As Christians, we must be honest with ourselves and others about what Islam is and that it is vastly different from true Christianity.

Then we must pray for the people of Islam. We should pray for their salvation and discipleship. We must do everything within our power to show them the love of Christ with our lips and our lives…and we must, must, must reach out to them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is the only one who can break the bondage of the primary Iraqi religion: Islam.

Get informed on Iraqi religion and the religion of Islam here:

Book on the primary Iraqi religion Islam: Unveiling Islam: An Insider’s Look at Muslim Life and Beliefs

Another book about the primary Iraqi religion by a former Muslim from the Islamic woman’s perspective: Voices Behind the Veil: The World of Islam Through the Eyes of Women

Out of the Crescent Shadows: Leading Muslim Women Into the Light of Christ

Here is a book on how the Christian can effectively witness to someone bound by the primary Iraqi religion of Islam: More Than a Prophet: An Insider’s Response to Muslim Beliefs About Jesus & Christianity

I apologize for the obnoxiously extreme use of the phrase “Iraqi religion” on this page. This was done to stick to the keyword subject of “Iraqi religion” as far as the search engines are concerned. We realize that there are also many Christians in Iraq, but as in most Muslim countries, they cannot practice their beliefs freely for fear of persecution including torture and/or execution.

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