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Does God know what you’re going to be and do all your life?

Do you mean is every little choice, ever little act or thought we do in this life, being pre-ordained to happen, with us like a bunch of robots? No.
     When thorough study is done in God’s Word, one major clue as to our free-will is suddenly revealed. GOD will not force anyone to love Him. He doesn’t want a bunch of little ‘robots’ following Him around saying “love ya, love ya, love ya” all the time.

Rev 4:11    Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for Thou hast created all things, and for Thy pleasure they are and were created.

     You may call the following an ‘opinion’, but I feel it explains much as to why GOD created the ‘family’ unit in the flesh. For me, I don’t doubt our Heavenly Father, actually being A REAL Father, of all souls, us, His children, also wanted us to know what it feels like when our ‘own’ flesh children rebel against us, or to feel the ‘joy’ we gain from them when they do real good.
     So how is it in our own families? How do we feel when our ‘own’ children go out and follow some fake ‘fad’, or ‘fashion’, or ‘gang’, or ‘club’, which goes totally against the peace and goodness we want for our child? Our relationship is no different with our Heavenly Father.
     Question: Do we as flesh parents want to ‘force’ our children into loving us? No way. Wouldn’t we rather they come to us in love, on their own accord? You bet! Our Father is no different. Also… do we want to micro-manage every second, minute, hour of our children’s thoughts and lives? No. Our Father is no different in that respect either.
     Do we at times ‘make’ our children do things which we know are best for them, like going to bed on time, brushing their teeth, eating right, etc.? You bet! Why? Because we care. It’s no different between us and our Father.
     When our children do wrong, do we dish out correction as needed, for their sakes, because we love them, and want them to know the difference between right and wrong? You bet! It’s no different with our Heavenly Father and us.
     When we give our children gifts and love, isn’t it a pleasure to see them enjoy it so much? You…bet! It’s no different with us and our Heavenly Father!
     God so loves us, that He sent His Only Begotten Son, to get us back, bringing us back to Him. Would our Heavenly Father have a need to do that, offering His Son for us, if He controlled us all like robots? Of course not, for if that were true, with God ‘manipulating’ every little thought and deed, then there probably would be no sin in the world. But our Father definitely is in control. There’s no doubt about that.
     Even Lucifer was created by God, and the evil one cannot just go out and do anything he wishes. God is ‘controlling’ what the wicked one can, and can’t do. This is written about in the Books of the prophets. Sad most of our brethren don’t get that understanding of our Father’s full control (see Ezekiel 28 about Lucifer once being “perfect in his ways” before he rebelled.)
     Our Heavenly Father has emotions just like we do, for we all were made in His Image. His desire is for His children to listen to and seek Him, in reverence, just as a good child seeks their good Father’s advice and approval, and most of all, His love.

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