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The House of Israel Scattered: Hosea’s Prophecy

We learned from the last study on the Ten Lost Tribes, how the 'house of Judah' also followed after the false worship of her sister, the 'house of Israel', and God removed Judah also from among His Presence in Jerusalem, the place where He chose to put His Name (I

The Babylonian Captivity of The House of Judah

In the last study dealing with the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, we covered some very important key verses from God's Word, that let us know there was a separation of Israel into two distinct Kingdoms. We further were given knowledge of the captivity of the 'house of Israel',

The House of Israel Scattered to Assyria

In the last Manasseh Study we covered the separation of Israel under King Solomon's son Rehoboam, into two distinct Kingdoms, one in Jerusalem to include the tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi, and the other Kingdom with Jeroboam as its king in the northern territory of Israel, which included all

The Separation of Israel Into Two Kingdoms

We begin this study with an often overlooked event by many in God's Word, that is, the separation of all Israel into two specific regions, and two specific 'houses'. After the twelve tribes of Israel sojourned out of Egypt led by God through Moses, they eventually settled in the land

The Birthright Blessings Go To Ephraim & Manasseh

In the last Study, Jacob officially received the Covenant Promise from God, the same Promise given to his father Isaac, and his grandfather Abraham. This blessing to Jacob from God came after he had made the 'pillar' of stone his pillow, and had anointed it because of the dream

The Promise To Abraham

This is a study that keeps appearing every now and then in Christian literature since the last few hundred years. It is an important teaching from our Father, as it helps to reveal to His People their heritage, and most of all, what He set out for them to