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Understanding God’s Time part 2

 In the last Letter, we considered experiences common to humans involving ‘time’ differences between ‘daydreams’ and the ‘wake state’ of the mind. There is nothing wrong with considering this particular facet in life which all peoples can probably admit they have experienced. As a matter of fact, with God’s people, the influx of the Holy Spirit within their being is a definite signal to the Christian that there is a spiritual existence, and not just life of the ‘flesh’.
     (If you’re thinking about ‘tongues’ at this stage, know that the true ‘tongue’ at Pentecost spoken of in Acts 2 was ‘cloven’, going out in all directions, and ‘understood’ by all those present, even in the dialect of their particular village of the various countries from which they were born. Any other ‘tongue‘ than this, is false. Also note that the word ‘unknown‘ in the King James was added by the translators; it is not in the original Greek manuscripts. Rightly divide The Word; check it out for yourself; don’t just take my word for it.)
God’s Holy Spirit awards His people with various ‘spiritual gifts’ accordingly as you work for our Father. If you truly are a believer in Christ, and are working for The Lord, you should be able to document a gift from the Holy Spirit, mainly to yourself; i.e., from experiences that have God’s Signature all over it, His workings that defy physical explanation somewhat. Others should readily notice that ‘gift’ from God when it becomes manifest also.
Well how do we know that certain ‘workings’ of the spirit are from God, and not Satan? God’s Word instructs us in the difference, therefore, if these events do not align with His Word, then they are not of Him. It’s that simple. Also then, if you can honestly say that you haven’t studied The Word, then you are open to interpreting ‘signs’ and ‘wonders’ from Satan as being from God. Thus, it is easy to listen to others give ‘witness’ of spiritual gifts and believe they are from God if you haven’t done your ‘homework’; and you could easily be duped. ‘Appearance’ is one of Satan’s most powerful tools of deception and one of the most dangerous ‘appearance’ schemes is coming upon us in the near future. When Satan comes to earth, in person, claiming to be Jesus Christ, ‘working miracles in the sight of men’, many who have not prepared themselves by studying The Word will get a magnificent teaching on God’s sense of ‘time’ (see Rev.16). Since many have not understood God’s overall Plan, and ‘time’ schedule, they will believe on this strong contrast between Satan and his angels working ‘miracles’ on earth while mankind is yet still in the flesh. The flesh understanding will naturally see the remarkable nature of Satan’s miracles on earth, for all to see, and will believe that only God could perform them. But those armed with ‘God’s Armour’ (Eph.6), which is of the ‘spirit’ and not the flesh, will see these ‘remarkable acts’ by Satan portraying himself as Christ as an abomination (Matt.24; Mark 13; Luke 21; Daniel 7; II Thess.2; Ezekiel 28; Isa.14; Rev.12; 13; 16).
In the Book of Daniel it is written that this last ‘king’ (Satan) diverse from the others, who arises in the ‘fourth kingdom’ (the last ‘world government’ of man upon earth, the ‘New World Order’), “…shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws;…” (Dan.7:25). This ‘wearing out’ of God’s saints is in the mental sense, for ‘shall wear out’ is ‘bela’ in Aramaic in the King James, and means “to afflict: (but used only in a mental sense)” (Strong’s 1080). This verse is in parallel to Rev.9:4, where those who have the ‘seal of God’ in their foreheads (the Gospel Armour, The Word), are not to be harmed. But what is this ‘time‘ and ‘laws‘ in Dan.7:25 which Satan thinks to change? The word ‘times‘ is the Aramaic word ‘zeman‘ in the manuscripts, and it means ‘an appointed occasion’ (Strong’s 2166, root 2165). This ‘appointed occasion’ Satan thinks to change is the second Advent of Jesus Christ. Lucifer will be saying that Christ has come, but his ‘appointed time’ will be false, and out of season, thinking to change the ‘time’ God set up for the return of Jesus.

     When you put this with all the other references in God’s Word to Satan playing the role of Jesus Christ (remember, Jesus is God, Immanuel ‘God with us’), then those of you that have been studying with me in Isaiah have yet another proof from The Word that Satan is coming as a ‘false Messiah’, before Christ returns. Well why would this word ‘laws‘ be attached along with changing the ‘times‘ (appointed time of Christ’s return) there in Dan.7:25?  This word ‘laws‘ is ‘dath’ in Aramaic, and it means ‘a law’ (Strong’s 1882), specifically ‘God’s Law’. Our loving Father gave us knowledge of the Advents of Christ coming to earth in His Law and the prophets. It is all written, and has been for a long, long, time. All we have to do is come to our Father Jehovah in ‘truth and in spirit’, following Him, believing on His Son, and studying to show ourselves approved.
Jesus warned us about today’s time throughout His Word, and even through Paul would teach about ‘another Jesus’, and false ministers of Satan teaching God’s Word (2 Cor.11). Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not teaching against God’s true Churches that do teach His Word;  I’m teaching against the false ones, for I know they exist, and many people in those false Churches are so confused, they don’t have a clue as to what God’s Word really says. Soothsayers those false ones are, for instead of teaching those who love The Lord how to stand against the ‘fiery darts of Satan’ in the days to come, they teach to believe on ‘another Jesus’ as the Messiah, and to ‘fly’ away with him (Lucifer), out of season.
Many are looking for a short cut list of things to prepare for, without studying God’s Word for themselves. When we attend Church service, listening to man without checking him out in our Father’s Word, it’s like paying someone else to pass the exam for you. Remember the saying in that case? When you let someone else do your homework for you; ‘you’re only cheating yourself’. The difference is that God is not playing school, and we can’t ‘cheat’ our way through.
As we learned with this Letter, God’s Time has definite events tied to that ‘Time’. His Time has been previously prepared for us in this flesh age. To understand His Time is to be aware of the events of this second earth age, the age of flesh. We know this through His Word. No man knows the day or hour of Christ’s return, but we have been given the events to watch for. These events will happen just as written. Man cannot change them, for our Father is in control. The ‘patience of the saints’ is to recognize these events, waiting for the True Messiah Jesus Christ to return instead of worshipping the little ole’ angel Lucifer as the false Messiah.

Peace be unto you in Christ Jesus,
Dave Ramey.

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