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The Family Friendly Internet Filter for Safe Surfing!

A good internet filter is one of the greatest tools to protect your family and enhance their Christian living. These filters provide protection against all sorts of attacks from outside sources, one of the greatest of these threats is pornography. Pornography assaults the viewer in such a dangerous way because it is “naturally” pleasing to us as human beings and even if we do not wish to see it (because of our Christian convictions), once it appears before our eyes the damage is done. The Bible commands Christians to “abstain from all appearance of evil” and to guard our hearts. Anything we allow into our eyes, ears, etc. has a definite effect on our internal being. These things affect our character whether we want them to or not. Therefore a Christian internet filter is an essential tool to protect both adults and our especially impressionable children. One such internet filter is Covenant Eyes.

One of the added benefits of internet filters is that they do not usually cost very much. Some even come standard with ISP services, but Christians would do well to be cautious about using them rather than one that may be produced separately. Here is why: Most non-Christian or secular filters have very different ideas on what pages and content are considered offensive to Christian families. In fact many of them actually filter out many good Christian sites because the people who design them, frankly consider Biblical Christianity and the language of it as offensive language and even hate speech.

So, when it comes to internet filtering…make sure your filter is Christian (or rather was at least designed by one) so that you will not be guilty of compromising the security of your family.

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