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Should Terri Schiavo live or die?

My response to Neal Boortz on the Terri Schiavo Case

Well I just read an article on by Neal Boortz called, “Because she’s earned it” and it really fueled my fire even more. First, I suggest you read his article here: Neal Boortz weighs in on Terri Schiavo Then I suggest you come back here and read my response to his article…

Hello Neal,

First, I want to thank you for your efforts in thwarting the left and their agenda in this country.

Next, I offer the following response to your article: “Because she’s earned it”.

Please allow me to tell you many of the reasons why I want Terri to live…

(1) It is not known for a fact what Terri’s will in this case is due to her condition.

(2) Her loving family has offered to give her a chance at life and rehabilitation which many in the medical community are claiming she may benefit from. What is the harm in trying since we all know that medical professionals can and have been wrong in many cases. In fact, I accept that even the doctors and others who have sided with the family rather than the “husband” could very well be wrong…but what if they are right and Terri can recover.

(3) I believe in the power of prayer and although God doesn’t always heal a person’s body physically to keep them around with us, He does at times of His own choosing do just that. He may have delayed to bring reason number 4 to the forefront.

(4) I believe that this case (especially this week’s activity in the courts) sends a strong message to America as to how out of control our Judiciary branch of government is and how they believe and assert that they are the end of every discussion concerning any law or matter. By doing this, they ignore our constitutional system of checks and balances. Constitutionally, the courts have to submit to checks and balances as well. They are not the final checker. If they are, we might as well throw out the other branches and become a nation ruled strictly by judges, but it appears to me that we are already there and need to give back some of the power they have usurped back to the other branches of government and therefore to the people of, by, and for this nation was established.

(5) There are too many testimonies and sworn affidavits that indicate that Michael Schiavo not only may have ulterior motives to want Terri dead, but also allege that he is guilty of trying to kill her any way he can by denying any meaningful therapy, injecting her with insulin, and making malicious statements that indicate he wants her dead so that he can move on even though he already has moved on into another woman’s bed.

(6) Adultery is still wrong and Michael is guilty since he is living with his mistress of at least 10 years and has 2 children by her.

(7) If Michael wants to be free from Terri as his “ball and chain” then why not just grant her parents custody and let them attempt to rehabilitate her, unless he has further cause to want her dead to cover up possible and alleged abuse to her in the event that she miraculously recovers and is able to testify against him.

(8) Although I do believe as you do that our soul will leave the body as soon as all vital functions are shut down, I also believe that not everyone is going to the same place no matter what their religion. I believe some will go to heaven and some will go to hell. You may be asking now if I believe that Terri is going to the latter place…and the answer is that I do not know where she is going because I do not know exactly what she believes and in whom is her trust. I know that she is Catholic and although I disagree with most Catholic doctrine, I do admit and accept that some Catholics will go to heaven and some will go to hell based on what they believe in their heart concerning their need for salvation and the Lord Jesus Christ. This applies to any person regardless of religious affiliation. I invite you to take the good test to find out where you stand. Here is the URL:

There are probably more reasons but due to time constraints this is all I can present at this time.

Thanks again for what you do and I urge you to consider all of the above.

Respectfully, Chris Long

Terri Schiavo deserves a chance. Terri Schiavo deserves therapy. Terri Schiavo’s parents deserve a chance to care for her. Governor Bush and/or President Bush should rescue her! The Judges are wrong about Terri Schiavo! Michael Schiavo is just plain wrong! Terri Schiavo should continue to live!

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