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‘gaps’ in most Christian’s understanding of God’s Word

As the ‘latter days’ quickly approach God’s people on earth, it seems that more and more people are coming to The Lord, with the spiritual drive to study. In my opinion, one only need look around at world affairs to sense that great happenings are upon all of us.  Many of man’s religious systems have become like ‘dross’ metal, loosing their tensile strength by not staying with our Father’s Word, instead teaching doctrines and creeds that belong to certain ordered groups of individuals. Many people are getting fed up with these certain religious ‘systems’ and are studying on their own, or within a study group.  These same people are still attending those religious functions of man’s systems. However, beautiful, sweet candy messages just aren’t getting the job done anymore for many.
I have had more than one conversation with some teachers of The Word that admitted to some of the deeper messages in The Word that I had asked them about (one message was about Genesis 1:2 being the destruction of a first earth age of man’s existence, long before the flood of Noah).  Of course my next question was, “Do you teach these deeper messages in The Word to your congregation?”   The majority of the answers were, “No.  You would loose about seventy-five percent of the members if these deeper messages from The Word were taught.”  Then I would ask, “Well, what about the twenty-five percent of the congregation that would understand?”  And then there was ‘silence’.
God put times and seasons in His creation, meaning He has a timetable for everything.  There was once when the deep ‘pearls’ of God’s Word were not meant to be taught openly to the masses, i.e., when Jesus taught in parables to the crowds throughout the Gospel.  But now, today, and since Jesus died on the cross, those ‘pearls’ are to be opened up to everyone, whether they understand with ‘eyes and ears’ or not.  As written in the last Chapter of the Book of Malachi, the spirit of Elijah was promised by God to the people in the ‘latter days’, and he would turn the ‘heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers‘ (plural). If you’ll remember that the ‘two-edged sword’ of Jesus cuts both ways, and that ‘sword’ is a symbol for God’s Truth, then you have part of the key to this message in Malachi.  (Hang with me, I’m not getting off the subject.) In other words, have you ever been in a situation where you knew a ‘truth’ that someone else just couldn’t handle?   Maybe because they weren’t mature enough, or for whatever reason, they got really angry at you when you told them?  Have you ever held back the ‘truth’ from a loved one because you were afraid it might hurt their feelings? Maybe you had told a little ‘white lie’ to hide the ‘truth’ in that situation?  Now we’re in the ballpark concerning what I’m talking about.
That’s what teaching the deeper message of God’s Truth to the people will do.  For those who are supposed to hear It with ‘eyes to see, and ears to hear’, understanding It, they will ‘return’ to their Father, set free from bondage.  And for those who think you’re evil for teaching such things as God’s Word full strength, they’ll want to lash out at you, or even maybe even wish to kill you, as they did the prophets of God, because you revealed the Truth and It was too much for them to handle!  In essence, for those, the ‘two-edged sword’ of God’s Word will ‘divide’ them, turning their hearts back to their father (note this in lowercase!).  Do you remember what God told Ezekiel, that if he didn’t go and teach The Word to the people, whether they understood or not, then his soul would be in danger; but if he did go and teach the ‘dry bones’ (meaning spiritually dead without ‘eyes to see or ears to hear’), then he will have preserved his soul?(see Ezekiel 3 & 37).  We as Christians are not to fear those who can kill the body, but The One Who can destroy both body and soul in the ‘lake of fire’ (Matt.10:28).  Those who can’t decide which way to believe when they hear the True Word, you know, kind of haven’t quite made their mind up yet;  well, lot of the time, they’ll just walk off and go back to their daily chores, not giving the situation much thought.  And that’s alright in a way, because most of those at least believe in The Lord Christ as Savior.  They truly are ‘lost sheep’, innocents, and are easily led to the ‘spiritual slaughter’.
For this reason, God’s Word should be taught with great boldness, with expression, and conviction. There should be no ‘letting up’ on the Holy Spirit’s force to teach God’s Truth, even the graphic Word that many congregations might think too sensitive to hear in their presence.  Don’t be a ‘reed shaking in the wind’, blowing this way, “well this man says”, and blowing that way, “well that man says”!  Teach It straight on and wake the ‘dry bones‘ up!  If many of the congregation get up and leave, then they were probably not there to serve God anyway. In Ezekiel 13, God has a message for those who teach their own vain visions, claiming that God spoke to them, when He did not.  He is pretty angry there at those so-called teachers of His Word, who are not ‘filling up the gaps’ of His Word so that the people can withstand the ‘fiery darts of Satan’!
It really is sad that a person starts kindergarten at an early age, goes through grade school, high school, and then maybe on to college, about 18 years of schooling, and that person in most cases is totally illiterate as to God’s Word, and still in spiritual bondage.  Well, you might be saying, “If that person believes on Jesus, then how is he or she in bondage?”  If that person doesn’t know what he or she is supposed to be doing right now to get ready for a ‘false Messiah’ coming, before the True Christ Jesus, they might wrongly believe on the this ‘other Jesus’ (Satan playing the role of Christ), as Paul would write in II Cor.11.(Also see II Thess.2, Ezekiel 28, Isaiah 14). You will also discover in Matthew 24:24 and Mark 13:22 that the phrase ‘false Christs‘, although it is plural in the King James, is ‘pseudochristos‘ in the Greek. (Strong’s no.5580).  This word ‘pseudochristos‘ is singular in the Greek, meaning ‘a spurious Messiah‘, and as a comparison on words, the Greek word ‘Christos‘ means ‘Christ’, singular, only One, not many. That is to say, that Jesus Himself was teaching us there in Matthew 24 and Mark 13 that ‘a spurious Messiah‘ would come to earth to deceive many, playing the role of The Christ, sitting in God’s Temple, working miracles in the sight of men, and that this happens before our Savior’s return on the second Advent (see II Thess.2; Ezekiel 28; find out where God’s chosen place to dwell on earth is, and you’ll know where God’s Temple on earth is, in Jerusalem).
I know there are a lot of good teachers of God’s Word out there, that understand what I’m talking about.  For the people who don’t, get into our Father’s Word.  You should be able to check out someone teaching The Word.

Peace be with you in Christ Jesus,
Dave Ramey.

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