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Christians are in denial that public schools teach atheism and evolution

Christians have been deceived in America into supporting a public school system that teaches atheism, evolution, and many other falsehoods. The public school system is also responsible for the rapid degeneration of society into accepting such things as sodomy, infanticide (the correct term for what we commonly call abortion), and other perversions. One woman who was a public school teacher and administrator was recently complaining that her state’s education budget had money taken away from it to be transferred for general use. When confronted with the fact that the public school system is anti-christian because of its teachings, her statements revealed that she has cognitive dissonance regarding the truth about the teachings of the American public school system. Read the response of a Christian to her complaints and see her cognitive dissonance exposed.

Discussion about Public Schools teaching evolution

The discussion ended because the woman was unable to admit in her mind that the American public school system teaches atheism, evolution, and a host of other evils. She has deceived herself.  Unfortunately, this thinking is common among Christians who think that their school system is better than all the others and that the horrible things occurring in other school systems don’t occur in theirs. For more information watch the documentary Escaping Common Core, which exposes the anti-christian teachings of the public school system and how much worse they are becoming. Another documentary exposing the public school system is IndoctriNation, which documents why Christianity is declining in America as a result of removing the Christian basis for education from the public school system. For more resources on getting Christians out of the public school system visit the website for the ministry Exodus Mandate.

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