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Nakedness or Nudity

Is Nakedness or Nudity Alright... Or is it sinful Nakedness "I would like to know some of your views on homosexuality, nudity, pre marital and extra marital sex, and marriage?" A college student recently asked us this question. She is writing a college paper on the subject and here is our

Islam, Mohammed, Muslims

Is Islam the True or a False Religion? Islam, Mohammed, Muslims .... Islam is a religion that has been on the world scene for quite some time now. Mohammed and his followers started out to conquer the world and today they are still on the march to that end. Based on

Pro and Cons of Gun Control

Shooting Straight Pro And Cons of Gun Control....Both Sides? Do pro and cons of gun control actually exist or is one a myth and the other directly linked to common sense? I think that common sense combined good background research should help each person determine the truth about gun control, thus

Interpreting Scripture

Sixteen Simple Rules to Interpreting Scripture Interpreting scripture doesn't have to be hard. If you are a real believer then you have God's Holy Spirit living inside you to teach you and to guide you, but be careful....there are also evil, demonic spirits that would love to feed you subtle lies

Great American Quotes Weekly

Great American Quotes Weekly... But Far From Weak...... Great American quotes ... I have loved great quotes including quotes of our founding fathers, presidential quotes, and other patriotic quotes for most of my adult life. They just seemed to be filled with wisdom and often so profound. All generations alive today

Treason Book Review

Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism Treason is a term that is so misunderstood nowadays. It seems that the liberal elites always apply this term to those who oppose them and their unpatriotic ways, but they whine and cry aloud when it is used to

When Was Christianity Founded?

"When was Christianity founded?" You Ask? Exactly when was Christianity founded? That is a question that many are asking on the net today. The Wrong Answer Many think that Christianity was founded when the famous Roman Emperor Constantine actually started the Roman Catholic "Church". That is not the case. Still others believe that Christianity was founded

Christian music: Should Christian Music Rock?

Christian music is certainly one of the most controversial subjects of our day to write about or discuss. Whether in an online forum or within the confines of the church house, discussions about "acceptable" music for Christian's can become very heated, very quickly... Why do passions and controversy seem to run

Do Christians Really Hate Homosexuals?

Do Christians Really Hate Homosexuals? The Revealing Answer is Here! Many homosexuals and their advocates today accuse fundamental Christians of hating them and committing hate crimes against them. But do Bible believing Christians really hate them? Is there a major misunderstanding? Or are all of the hate accusations really a strategicly placed

Can A Christian Be A Homosexual or Is Homosexuality A Sin?

Homosexuality and Christianity: Can the two really mix? Can a practicing homosexual be a Christian? Those are the questions that smack us in the face a lot these days. Homosexuality and Christianity In order to come to the right conclusions on this matter, we must ask a few other relevant questions. First